Rope Stretchin / Sizer

The setting is the the year 1920, in the south and in the growing industrial cities of the USA, people listen to aggressive, hard and uncensored blues. Lyrics deal with rural exodus, imprisonment, persecution, love, pain, loneliness, murder, execution, and recurring sexual allusions.

This album is dedicated to the protagonists of that time, such as Blind Boy Fuller, Robert Johnson, Ma Rainey, Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Clara Smith, Charley Patton, Bessie Smith and to the many more unknown street musicians.

After one year of research and production, Christoph Rinnert ( producer / publisher ) and SIZER  could finalize the project. It is rough, straightforward and loud - SIZER has given the songs a current touch (“sizered” them) while paying due tribute to the originals!

Steve Seitz: Voc / Guitar   
Stefan Woicke: Drums
T.C. Schulz: Bass
Gary Schmalzl: Guitar

Special Guests:
Andy Malecek : Guitar
Chris Volt: Guitar

Produced by: Steve Seitz / Christoph Rinnert
Mix: Jon Caffrey



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