Gary Schmalzl is said to be one of the main rock-guitarists in Berlin. With his outstanding and remarkable style playing the guitar he creates a brand to each song he is adding his sound to.

So he did with SIZER, building a strange and powerful atmospheres to the music, or speeding the music up when necessary. He seizes on SIZER’s idea, colouring urban lyrics with a modern guitarsound.

Gary came to Berlin as a guitarplayer in 1984 and started his career from then on with lots of bands:

Stone Cold & Crazy / Lee Hazlewood / Jingo de Lunch / Bela B y los Helmstedt / Die Ärzte / Lüde und die Astros / Abwärts/ Cora Frost / Udo Lindenberg …..( just to name a few )

As a Bavarian in Berlin he is known for his special humor and for being one of the very few guitarists knowing how to play a “Gibson SG” and the” Flying V”, not very often seen nowadays  (Gary Schmalzl – Guitar Player Magazin).

Besides his abilities as a rockguitarist he is working on scoremusic for films and theater.


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