STEVE SEITZ ( Voc / Guitar )


Son of a Canadian lumberjack who died far too early. Steve grew up without a father in a small town near the border to the former GDR. During the glitter-rock era he made his first musical experiences with college bands. Soon he got in touch with Blues and Rock. And it clicked.

Infected by the virus of rock’n roll he left the quiet life in the country behind and went to Boomtown Berlin. Quit school, started to write songs and went professional. Many bands, videos, projects and gigs all over Europe followed. And he never stopped playing his music all over Europe, together with lots of bands like Steve Marriott, Joe Cocker, B.B.King, Joan Jett….and, by the way, the only blues musician from Berlin being invited to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

In 2011 Steve started his researching on old blues songs and was fascinated by the harsh and direct lyrics, they were sometimes containing. He began to rearrange these song, worked  on the material, and then started the band “SIZER”. With his distinctive voice he is one of the very few “white men” singing the blues the way it has to be sung….

What else is he doing ???

He played the main character in the musical “ Last Commander Standin’ “ that was  also composed by him (  ). As an artist he appeared in several movies, directed by Dominik Graf / Rolf v. Sydow / Dagmar v. Chappuis / just to name a few…..


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